I have been a bolognese breeder since 2002 and have a very keen interest in promoting the well being and health of the breed. I breed ocassionally, usually when I want a puppy for myself. I have a keen interest in showing but for me producing aesthetically pleasing dogs which adhere as much as possible to the breed standard is important but health is also a major point of consideration. Showing comes secondary for me, I am of course delighted when my dogs succeed in the ring but I am more interested in the health and well being of all my dogs.

Puppies are occasionally available to responsible owners. Our puppies are hand reared in the home environment, no expense spared. They are born in my bedroom where I can keep a close eye on them for the first few precious weeks of their lives. I then move them downstairs to the kitchen at around 3 weeks old in order to socialise them.

They then get used to regular household noises and the comings and goings of a busy home. The puppies are socialised well with children and my other dogs. My aim is to breed happy, healthy, well adjusted puppies, well equipped to settle into their new homes.

I offer 4 weeks pet insurance, a comprehensive puppy pack which includes information on dietary requirements, vaccination certificates, 5 generation kennel club pedigree and lots of general information and tips on how to care for your Bolognese. I am a kennel club assured breeder and if you would like further information on the scheme visit www.thekennelclub.org.uk/item/203

My puppies are very precious to me. I do ask to meet all prospective owners a few times before re-homing. I feel this is a good opportunity to meet and discuss the needs of the puppy. If any owner’s circumstances change, the puppy/adult dog can be returned at any time. A Bolognese puppy is a huge responsibility for life and should not be undertaken without much consideration. Having said that a Bolognese is a wonderful addition to the family and will add fun and happiness to your life.

I am always available for help and advice after puppy has left my home. I love to keep in touch with all the new owners of my pups, it puts my mind at rest to know that all is well. You can see photos of many of my bolognese in their new homes on the our dogs and gallery pages.